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Why Use Us

Why use Shanahan & Co.

10 Reasons why clients choose - John M Shanahan & Co.


1. Accessibility

As a personalised practice we ensure that staff are readily availability to receive calls, make appointments and reply promptly to correspondence, either by email or letter within an acceptable timeframe.


2. Clarity

Our correspondence is conducted in a clear and concise manner in a language that is as jargon free as the facts allow but we are always available to clarify issues should the need arise.


3. Consistency

Clients records are processed and prepared by our staff in accordance with our office standards and best practice, in a manner which is consistent year-on-year thereby avoiding unnecessary questions being raised repeatedly.


4. Experience

Our years of practical experience allow us to offer independent advice that is relevant and timely. We can also share with our clients the successful practices that have been tried and tested in other businesses so they can profit from this experience.


5. No surprises

In planning our work, we highlight deadlines before they happen and set out the cost consequences of those deadlines. We also inform clients of their Revenue obligations on an on-going basis especially where taxes are being paid by direct debit, to avoid year end surprises.


6. New start-up

We have the skills and understanding to assist and advise clients in the diverse needs of start-up operations where resources are often restricted and where specific issues need particular attention.


7. Pro-active

We can actively advise clients who are being pro-active in their efforts to push their business beyond the boundaries and alert them to issues that may affect them and introduce them to relevant professionals and support structures to enhance their own business.


8. Standards

We operate to the highest standards as laid down by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, constantly monitoring professional developments and implementing changes quickly to ensure best practice at all times.


9. Systems

We constantly upgrade our own systems to ensure the highest standard of front-line service and technical competency and so ensure that dealings with us are simply conducted, broadly understood and delivered on time.


10. Timeliness

Our systems enable us to complete assignments in a timely manner so that clients can use the information and reports as part of their decision-making mechanism to affect change.

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